My First Blog Post!


Boy2 – Thursday morning


Blogging on a rainy Sunday

Welcome to the world of blogging I said this morning, now 3 hours later swearing at the laptop, imbibing my 5th cup of coffee whilst slummy mumming and letting Boy1 watch endless Octonauts…. I love drawing and colour and looking earnestly and longingly at craft stores and wild thoughts of craft projects from items purchased from B&Q!

Above are a few ink drawings coloured in with the dreaded/loved Photoshop. The more I draw the more I gain confidence. As with all artists I am horribly self aware that my work ‘is not the best’ ‘so and so’s is so much better’ but you know, if it makes me happy and someone smile and can fit in with being a busy mum to B1 and B2 (lets call them that I’ve just decided!) then yay for me and this wonderful world of drawing. Now that I have a blog I am going to be forced to ‘produce’!

Bear with as I navigate this land of writing and drawing, I can only blame my dreaded procrastinaton button and trick myself into leaving the 3rd pile of Weetbix cemented bowls and just sit down and burble and bumble and upload my sketches. Enjoy! (or don’t either way you’re probably my family and friends I am guinea pigging on now anyways!)

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