Who am I?


Who am I? Well I guess without making out I’m descended from ancient mermaids and long haired narwhales all I can say is that I’m a Kiwi born, London living ‘Lady’ (thanks Aunty W for the title!) who loves to draw and illustrate and hoping to make it possible to do this as well as attend B1 and B2’s nativity plays. Watch this space for more updates and thoughts.

The plan is to devour online Illustration and Craft courses, display (the heavily edited!) results on this blog as well as producing fun posters and gifts that hopefully people will want to fork out their hard earned money for!

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  1. Dan says:

    Would you be interested in illustrating my first kids book? These illustrations are EXACTLY what i have been chasing….


    1. Hi Dan, thanks for the message, can you let me know about the kids book? The story, do you have a website etc I can check out? thanks Fiona


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