Boo! B1 has decided that he wants to experience Halloween as a bloodless Zombie, needless to say that’ll just make him look like I don’t wash his clothes and have just sent him out begging the neighbours for sweets….will sneakily try to throw some red paint on him when he’s not looking so that at least it looks like there’s something purposeful attempted….

We have decided instead of turning out the lights and hiding behind the sofa (like we did last year) we’ll go with the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ train of thought and go full Halloween tack. Think plastic bag spiders and rubbish bins full of witches (not just stinky nappies). So far I’ve raided the Pound store for as many E numbered sweets as I can carry and about 17 bags of fake spider webs. So if the homemade decorations don’t scare the kids at least I can distract/tangle them up.

This week also got my Community badge and did the poster for the local Playgroup Halloween bake sale. B2 starts there a couple of afternoons a week in November and I’m very excited! think of all I can get done in the 4 hours free I’ll have a week! Climb mountains, shop at Tesco, defeat world hunger, the list goes on…….

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