‘It’s Christmasssssssssss’!! The 1st of December and now it looks like Christmas has thrown up on the house…..the delights that we found in the Christmas bags was a riot of sparkles and tinsel and Poondland purchases!

B1 thought shouting ‘Ho Ho Ho’ was the best way to help decorate and B2 exclaimed ‘Spooky’! at everything as he is in delayed Halloween mode. It is truly lovely getting the boys excited about Christmas but also trying to explain about baby Jesus is about as easy for B1 to understand as Brexit.

I have been doing a little bit of doodling and drawing and Noel the Christmas pigeon will be winging his way to everyone on a Christmas card soon. I’ve joined the Maker Station which is a fantastic creative co-working space and to eke out even a couple of hours twice a week to draw has been fantastic.

Watch this space for more sketches and hopefully paid work in early 2020!

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