It’s the FUTURE!

It’s the FUTURE! It is now 2020 and we should all be wearing shiny spacesuits and taking our lunch in pill form! I was sadly disappointed to wake up to porridge and 2 laundry baskets of real clothing… in true future time traveller guise I figured the first sketch to do for 2020 is me in 500 years as a Febot…..

At the beginning of a year people make crazy and normally unattainable ‘resolutions’ but I have decided to be kind to myself but also to challenge my regular life in tiny ways….I’ve signed up for a 5km race (note the drawings around April time will be very smudged and wonky due to my broken body….) and to set a monthly illustration goal of a blog post and to produce some items to buy online, as well as approaching editorial magazines with potential for commissions.

So yes, I’ll now put down the Netflix remote control and pick up a lovely new shiny pen and get going!

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