Rain Rain go away

As I stare out of the window, relishing a hot coffee and a hot cross bun the rain stops for a millisecond! Outrageous! I was getting my adopted Brit moan on about the constant wet but then the yellow daffodils and the emerging blossoms made me smile…..

It was half term last week and I think I enjoyed it more than B1 and B2! It is so great having an excuse to book Dinosaur shows and visit hysterical model villages….(much to the boys Dads disappointment Gigi Hadid wasn’t lounging around for him to ogle but slightly almost not quite out of date ‘Chimp Tea Parties’ and ‘Fox Hunting’ dioramas!).

The animals in flowers are a commission from Aunty W, I have a feeling that the riot of colour might offend a lot of peoples eyes but hey I’m loving shoving obscene amounts of shades onto my work. There’s something satisfying about doodling flowers and making up new species!

May the longer days and sunshine begin to sneak up quicker and soon I’ll be nursing a Pimms and attempting to slap on sunscreen on the wriggly boys…….watch out for more sunny inspired pictures!

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