Lockdown 2020

This poster was going to be used for a lovely picnic in the green with B2’s Playgroup friends and families …..who was to know a mere month ago I would have just jogged around our weeny London garden to ‘warm up’ for the now not occurring 5km on Saturday! I think I will still don a sweaty top and put on my very eclectic running tracks and knock it out (or myself on the overhanging branch I haven’t trimmed yet) to keep some sense of normality and something to (dare I say it) ‘look forward too’…..

I am so thankful that so far that B1 and B2 are healthy and happy (well by happy I mean destroying the house and my sanity) and that we are able to access fresh and diverse food. Biggest Boy is now knocked out so we are doing the right thing and staying in for 14 days….(Hence the jogging around the garden)…I am thinking that we are lucky to have a short amount of time as neighbours and friends are in their houses now for 12 weeks so days are nothing.

Each day I am thankful that my friends and family are safe and well and that we are in a time of easy to contact access online…..I don’t think I’ve been in contact with them so much since the lockdown and that is no bad thing that may I continue once life goes back to ‘normal’.

2020 will be a year to remember or as David A put it ‘A mere blip in our history’………

Keep safe and well

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