Hide & Seek

The funniest ‘hide and seek’ this evening with the boys…..I ‘hid’ behind the (very open and see through) trellis in the garden (with a sneaky g&t) and the heard the boys calling, looking in the kitchen, under the table, behind the sofa….eventually they came out to the garden calling my name…couldn’t find me…so for a few minutes played in the sandpit….then B2 said “maybe mummy is in the vegetable patch?!”…B1 and B2 started looking there…B2 “Maybe Mummy has been killed!?!” B1 “ yes ….probably………shall we play on the swing?”

(they found me eventually…)

Been a crazy old year of course and this tardy blog entry is not a run down but a snapshot of my daily life! B1 is back home schooling as his school ‘bubble’ needs to self isolate so I have had to dig out of the craft box the dusty whiteboard and worksheets….B1 is super funny and adaptable and we were weeding the front of the house (non stop glamour here) and he held his breath (not to expel breath outside the house confines) when one foot touched the pavement…very cute.

Every day I look out the window and see the resplendent gardens of the neighbours (and our slightly wild but endearing ?) garden and feel thankful to live in a safe and super duper friendly neighbourhood, the past year would have been so much different if we didn’t literally have friends surrounding us. I can only hope you reading this now have also been so blessed.

Writing this now gives me the kick up the bum to continue more illustration (working on some BSL signing sheets with a friend and neighbour, commissions and self led projects) go ladyfeillustration!

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