The C Word

Don’t say it! Yes it’s the C word…..CHRISTMAS …..! arghh ! I have seen the corners of shops tentatively trying to push the first of the Christmas cards into a more prominent position, the ‘ironic’ seasonal jumpers on the rails and of course M&S has decided it is perfectly fine and we can feel ok drinking Prosecco every night as that is all that seems to be on the shelves.

I braved the local glamorous shops to get B1 and B2 some winter leggings and 2 hours later left with 1 avocado, a bunch of bananas and some library books. Now I need to fashion some attire out of the mentioned.

But I do like coveting the fancy tree baubles (that I try to replicate at home with a glue gun and some Poundland glitter to mixed results) and not having to reach to the bottom shelf of Morrisons to get my mulled wine.

This weeks task is to see what I can make for my Christmas gifts, my family and friends were so lucky to receive the pictured design as a tea towel last year (I know I know you say, how could I be so kind). So it’s now a toss up of some hand woven oven gloves vs. painted wooden spoons (don’t think I’m joking) for 2019’s xmas stockings. Watch this space as I doodle and hopefully get all festive….let’s get this party started!

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